Azure Synapse Explained

In this article we would like to give you a high level summary on Azure Synapse.

What it is, what are its strengths and weaknesses observed through our project implementations and what are the major benefits the stakeholders got the most value from and what main features the developers and architects were interested in.

What is Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse Analytics is a unique platform for analytics combining big data, data warehousing and data integration in a single cloud native service for end-to-end analytics at scale.

At Joyful Craftsmen we worked with Azure Synapse Analytics together with Microsoft since its inception before it became publicly available for production.

Since then, we have done a lot of work with our clients on Azure Synapse Analytics and during our projects with Azure Synapse which we are delivering successfully for our clients, we experienced the following strengths and weaknesses.

  • all-in-one cloud service for analytics
  • easy to set up, use and manage
  • integration with Microsoft services
  • steep learning curve for Microsoft data engineers
  • price
  • technical limitations to cooperate with other technologies

Most Valuable Benefits of Azure Synapse

  • Ready to use single cloud service saving integration costs of various services for big data, data warehousing and data integration compared to other platforms
  • Auto machine learning insights into your data and saves costs on starting with machine learning
  • Data governance ready to fulfill regulatory requirements for data lineage adding data discovery which is saving lots of effort when building applications and reporting on top of data
  • Quick delivery of reporting and insights into data with Power BI
  • Steep learning curve for people working with Microsoft SQL Server based data warehouses saving costs learning new technologies
  • One of the best price/performance results in industry benchmarks of cloud data warehouses

Detailed Major Features of Azure Synapse

Whom we helped with Azure Synapse

I’m working with SQL Server and Microsoft Data platform over 10 years. I worked in this area from MS BI application solution development through MS BI infrastructure projects to pre-sales engineer. I like Microsoft BI very much and I follow the new trends in this area as well as the competition technologies. The most important for me is that I advance with experience and know how in this area.

Co-owner & CBDO


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