Data & AI: A Powerful Combination for Business Success


How to connect your organization’s Data and AI strategy? How to maximize the business benefits of new technologies? How to get ahead of the competition with AI? These and other questions will be answered in our talk.

In today’s fast-paced business world, blending data and AI strategies is essential for staying competitive. Join us for a dynamic discussion on navigating this complex landscape. Discover how aligning data and AI initiatives with business goals, integrating data into organizational culture, and addressing ethical considerations can drive innovation and growth. Don’t miss out on unlocking new opportunities for your organization!

A current perspective on data and AI strategy will be presented by two speakers, Samir Sharma from the UK and Jaroslav Reken from Czechia.


Registration: 16:00
Start time: 16:15
End: 19:00


Joyful Craftsmen s.r.o.
Olivova 4
110 00 Prague 1

How to

Duration: 2.5 hours
Language: English
Form: In-person
Capacity: 20 Data Leaders (CTO, Data & AI Managers)
Refreshments provided



Co-Founder & Data Strategist

Jaroslav Reken is Co-Founder of Joyful Craftsmen and a Data Strategist. He helps companies create and adopt data strategies in the age of artificial intelligence. He has literally been living Microsoft technology for over 20 years, following new trends and competing technologies. He is a speaker at conferences and corporate panels.


Founder, Data & AI Strategist

Samir is a leading Data and AI Strategist and also serves as CEO at the successful company he founded datazuum. He has 23 years of experience in international companies and his specialties include implementing data strategies.