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Our Data Strategy consultancy is the beacon for data leaders, including CDOs, CTOs, and CIOs. We are your strategic ally, committed to aligning your data initiatives with your company’s core business objectives. Our expertise ensures that your data efforts translate into tangible business outcomes, leveraging data as a catalyst for exceptional performance and results. Join us in harnessing the transformative power of data to propel your business forward.

Big Numbers


90% companies agree Data are strategically important for their companies and giving them competitive advantage


1/3 companies planning investment in Data Strategy area in next 3 months


Almost 2/3 companies increasing investment into Data strategy leveraging external capacities

*based on Joyful Craftsmen Data Study report 2024

How We Can Help

Alignment with Business KPIs

We help you align your business KPIs with data analytics to boost revenue, reduce costs, and enhance overall business success.

Clear Impact

We help to harness the transformative power of data to secure your company position, we showcase your capabilities to management, and accelerate your career growth.

Progress Tracking

With our help, track the progress of your data initiatives and their impact with absolute clarity.


We eliminate wasted time and resources on ad-hoc activities and we focus on adoption improvement and tangible business outcomes.

What‘s In It For You


Data Strategy Framework

A comprehensive blueprint for your data-driven journey.



Evaluate your current data strategy swiftly through our proven framework.


Operational Model Benchmark

Assess your data team’s performance and identify skill gaps.


Implementation Roadmap

A clear and prioritized plan for your data initiatives, ensuring a focused approach to achieving your goals.

Success Stories 

Software Development Company

In just 6 weeks, we facilitated workshops, crafted a robust data strategy, and addressed operational challenges by identifying skill gaps. Our efforts led to strategic hiring and upskilling, prioritizing data governance, and establishing a common data platform.

IT Services

Within a month, we aligned missing data points with the company’s business strategy, defined key metrics, and laid the groundwork for prioritized data projects. We continue to refine the data strategy quarterly, maintaining a sharp focus on high-value initiatives.

Transform Your Data into Results

Contact us to embark on a journey where every piece of data propels your business forward. 

Why Joyful Craftsmen

Data & AI Dedication

A steadfast commitment to Data and Artificial Intelligence, ensuring cutting-edge solutions.

Enhanced Data Quality

A focus on improving data quality to enable more reliable and informed business decisions.

Experienced Leadership

A core team with over 20 years of experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a methodological approach to execution.

Scalable & Reliable Solutions

Providing scalable data solutions that serve as dependable foundations for growth.

Customer-Centric Design

Tailoring on-site, remote, and hybrid solutions to meet customer needs within time and budget constraints.

Proven Track Record

Over a decade in business with a privately-owned structure, emphasizing flexibility and a commitment to delivery.