Data Tester Pro


Data can be trusted. Because data can be tested. Learn how to do it.

In this premium workshop, you will learn approaches, tools and frameworks that can be effectively used to test data in the Microsoft Data Platform environment (i.e. to test data in SQL Server, Azure SQL, Analysis Services or Power BI). You will practically try out what types of data tests can be used, what technologies, where and why to apply them, how to automate these tests and how to report the results clearly. And of course you will get an idea of how, where and why to use this in your home environment!

This workshop is one of our premium edition of BE A PRO (become a professional) workshops, where we emphasize the acquisition of advanced skills. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 15 participants, plus 2 experienced experts will be at your disposal throughout the day. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to discuss your challenges with other professionals.


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Online: Microsoft Teams


Duration: 8h
Language: Czech
Input knowledge: developer/tester
Event type: one-day event
Price: CZK 8,900

One-day online training focused on

  • How to test data (manually and automatically)
  • How to develop and maintain tests
  • What data testing strategies to choose
  • What types of tests and tools can be used
  • How to automate tests
  • How to report the results

What will the workshop bring you

  • You will have a clear idea of how to test your data
  • You will know where to start without having to invest millions
  • You get the right technologies and frameworks for it
  • You’ll know what to expect from your testing team

And if you manage to automatically test the data in your environment, then:

  • You will have a great overview of how you use quality information
  • You will delight your users with the excellent availability of their data
  • You will save a lot of money invested in fixing data errors
  • You will avoid damage caused by a bad decision caused by poor quality data

Intended for

  • Testers (beginners and advanced)
  • Data developers
  • Data architects
  • Data quality leaders
  • Data governance leaders


  • Why and how to test data
  • Test strategy
  • Data unit tests (tSQLt)
  • Data smoke, integration and end-to-end tests (JC.Unit)
  • Data scenario tests (Pester)
  • Orchestration of data tests (Pester, PowerShell)
  • Automation of data tests (Azure DevOps, PowerShell)
  • Results reporting (Power BI, Azure DevOps)

and we add

  • Interactive elements so you don’t get bored
  • Breakout Rooms with other participants
  • Touching the tools practically in Azure Labs


At Joyful Craftsmen, we are top experts in Microsoft data technologies, and this workshop is no exception. We assume that you are also familiar with technologies such as SQL Server, Azure SQL, Integration Services, Analysis Services or Power BI.

Although the approaches and concepts presented are generally applicable to most of today’s data technologies, if you yourself are familiar with the Microsoft Data Platform, you will get the most from the workshop.

This workshop is aimed at experts who, after all, already have (or at least have) some experience with data testing. So we won’t spend time explaining the very basics.

If you’d like to just brush up on the topic, we recommend our free half-day Data Testing Essentials workshop.

We are clearly focused on data and its testing, so any experience with data and using it in real life will definitely come in handy.

Please don’t expect us to be able to explain what a database, data model, or Power BI is. But don’t worry, if you’re interested in things like Power BI and data modeling, try our all-day Dashboard in a Day workshop, which is free.

For hands-on experience of the presented technologies, we have prepared so-called labs – virtual computers prepared for the workshop. You need to connect to them using the so-called Remote Desktop.

You need at least Windows Professional edition for this. And watch out! Especially corporate laptops have a lot of restrictions that can prevent you from connecting to Remote Desktop (through firewall settings, VPN, etc.).

Please check with your administrator that everything will be fine. Alternatively, let us know.


This workshop

This workshop is one-day
9:00 – 17:00

Practical hands-on in the Azure lab

In breakout-rooms you will also meet other participants

This workshop is
in Czech language
(or on-demand in English)

We will send instructions to registered users
a few days in advance



Data Tester
Tereza has been involved in testing at Joyful Craftsmen for several years. What she enjoys most about testing data solutions is being able to be creative in creating automated tests. Tereza will competently guide you through the theoretical part of creating data tests.


Data Tester

Helena has been doing data testing for the second year at Joyful Craftsmen. What she enjoys most about testing data solutions is that she can support the data quality of a given project. Helena guides you step by step through the practical part of creating data tests.