What is about?

In December 2015, we cofounded the very first user group of the Professional Association for SQL Serverin the Czech Republic –
Czech PASS.


Czech PASS is a community open to all SQL Server professionals and enthusiasts. Our common major goal is to provide free platform for sharing of know-how from all areas attached to Microsoft Data Platform –
SQL Server.


Anybody who is interested in SQL Server administering, maintenance, troubleshooting, consulting or who is developing solutions, applications, business intelligence topping or is just SQL Server student or enthusiast is more than welcome to join!


Community residence is Prague, the Czech Republic. Once a month we organize an evening meetup. The topic and schema is always open, usually depending on speaker experience and ambitions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or meetup organizers if you or your company would like to share some thoughts or just participate in organization!

How did it all begin?

3 years ago, in that pub Kulovy Blesk, with the bunch of people, coming from various companies, when we decided to jump straight into establishing PASS local group – if somebody told me, that 3 years from now, we will have more than 1000 people in the community, we will have organized 3 conferences for several hundreds of SQL Server professionals, with dozens of top rated experts as speakers, from all around the world – I’d say he went totally crazy
Tomáš TučekCEO, Joyful Craftsmen
It really surprised me, how being a part of such a strong expert community, can enrich our professional lives. It’s like another perspective on what, how and why, we are doing. And it’s always amazing experience to meet new people, share know-how and finally drink few beers together…
Pavel MálekCEO, Czech Pass

SQL Saturday Prague 2018

Once a year we organize SQL Saturday,
a full day conference about Microsoft Data Platform.
This year it’s gonna be in December 8th.
See you there!

SQL Saturday Prague