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Joyful Craftsmen is a data design and data engineering team. We’ve been learning and building data solutions since 2014. We focus on our vision to do the data craft as smartly as reachable. Humanity, teamwork and joy is part of our game, regardless you are our partner or one of us. Altogether we are valued for delivering cutting edge data solutions, on time, in top quality.

What We Do

Azure Synapse

Big data processing, lightning fast. Scale-out without ever buying another hardware for your data farm.

Power BI

Great, easy-to-interpret reports and dashboards. Get modern cloud & mobile solution for data driven decision making.

Data Governance

Business glossaries, data lineage, sensitive data usage policies & logs. Get your data developers and business users on one page.

Modern Data Platform

Azure Synapse and Power BI, all under Data Governance. Build your End-2-End modern data platform with us!

Data Strategy

Data Warehousing

Automated Data Testing

Power BI

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